• You can get all the necessary information about WUM “from the bottom” (how exams, colloquiums look like, how lecturers like and what are his week points)
  • Passing the gym classes
  • Meeting your colleagues from first year medical studies
  • Chance of meeting in person the rector, deans and vice versa (believe us - it is important!)
  •  Learning how not to strain once voice singing to late (or early) hours with guitar during camp - fire meetings
  • Spending usefully two evenings a week
  • Seeing large part of Europe
  • Serving with your unique abilities to dreamed - of Alma Mater

PS1: You don’t have to know how to read notes, sing or dance. This is what You will learn with us.
PS2: But if You know how to read notes and know how to sing – be prepare for fast performance.

F & P